“Elephant slaughter at tipping point”

“Men sue drug maker after developing breasts”

“She dodged bullets in her father’s lap”

“No safe place to run for war refugees”

These are just a few of the headlines on CNN.com as I write this article. The world is not a pretty place, even as we prepare to celebrate the birth of the one we call the Prince of Peace. So I thought I’d break the bad vibes of our 24 news cycle by sharing a few more of our #GoLoveChallenge stories.

I love my church. I love that, although we aren’t perfect, we are a collective group of individuals who strive to make the world around us a little more pleasant. Keep it up, FCC, the world needs love now more than ever.

Here’s what people wrote:

“Calista accepted her #GoLoveChallenge… raking leaves for a neighbor.”


“I did it! I made a turkey for the first time as part of FCC’s #GoLoveChallenge!!! It was so much fun taking part of the Harvest Meal that feeds over 10,000 people in our community tomorrow! #thankfulforfriends #ittakesavillage”


“On Monday my kids wanted to go help our neighbor go pick up his leaves! Even though it was my #GoLoveChallenge from the church! (I did help a little)”


“Live generously #GoLoveChallenge” (left a tip bigger than bill at local restaurant)


“Volunteering tonight at Pregnancy Choices and this was in the donations that we were sorting (a #GoLoveChallenge card). Way to go FCCers! You are making a huge impact and we so appreciate it! Keep plugging away at your #GoLoveChallenge @fcccanton”


“Completing her #GoLoveChallenge. She had to write a letter to one of the Pastors at our church. She chose Pastor Ryan Wolfe, he wasn’t in his office so she stuck it under his door!”


“Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” 1 John 4:8


Husband to Jenn. Dad to Story, Journey, Asher. Lead pastor at First Christian Church, Canton.

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