I had just settled the kids into bed and was turning in for the night myself. After pulling the sheets over my exhausted body I laid there skimming Facebook on my phone because, well, isn’t that what we all do before going to sleep?

I don’t like dieting. That’s why I don’t do it. I try to be active, however, by running and doing my own little homemade crossfit...

If you don’t know this about me yet, I’m a pretty big Counting Crows fan. As a matter of fact, when my son, Asher, was born I may or may not have tried to name him Duritz, after the band’s front man. That idea was not well received (and probably for good reason, haha).

Last week I started listening to a new podcast (or at least new to me) by NPR called How I Built This. Now before you start assuming certain things about me because I referenced NPR, know that I’m not a vegan and I don’t drink espresso or drive a Volvo. Of course I have no problem with Volvo-driving, NPR folks. I mean, more vegetarians in the world means more steak for the rest of us! Am I right!? (I know that was cheesy. I couldn’t resist.)

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